Sunday, April 10, 2011


Jo Horniman, your books make Lismore seem so...exotic. But perhaps the Simpletons experienced it another way?

p.s. Do bass players in Lismore still dress like pyjama pirates?


  1. ha! Me too... the other day I was in town and the whole things was just so damned cool: 23 yos in a cafe I passed were happily planning: an art installation/ to blow up the world. I couldn't tell ... anyway they were meeting later that night to do it ... and elsewhere - the retro shops, the artist's spaces, the old jaded hippies in cafes with their dogs... I was bored shitless. In a few years hence you might find me somewhere like Queanbeyan.

    But remember, my Kate wanted to get out (and did), and even Sophie, when in a bad mood saw it through different eyes.

  2. and PS... bass players from Lismore (and I've known one or two) are sweeeet!

  3. bahaha! queanbeyan...

    also, i guess it did remind me of the desperation of matt's lismore.

    and, cool. i might come grab a bass player one day.


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