Tuesday, April 5, 2011

coffee : each peach

each peach...doesn't it just conjure delightful images of each peach pear plum by janet and allan ahlberg? 'each peach pear plum, i spy tom thumb, tom thumb in the cupboard, i spy mother hubbard...' all the way until the plum pie in the sun!

it's a very cute cafe up the - what i like to call - berlin end of lygon street (aka the poorer and increasingly hip end) that looks very homey and has a fantastical bathroom with fairy lights and a pink bath.

coffee was very good, a bit too hot but very tasty, and the omelette was decadently delicious (too eggy, said my vegetarian-egg-disliking inner self, but i knew what i was getting into) with cheese and spinach galore. plus, the bread was to die for.

the staff were friendly, but they did forget my coffee and my food and i had to go in and remind them. which is fine, except it's the third time i've been there and the second time they've forgotten us. so i certainly recommend it, but maybe not when you are in a rush, because you never know.


  1. No matter how hot it is, that is one beautiful cup of coffee.

  2. I've never seen coffee described as 'a bit too hot' - I'll bookmark this one.
    Also, Kate, you've read 'each peach' to children, no? Or do you just remember it? (I still know it after 20-odd years, but that is after a trillion readings)

  3. oops! I just remembered - it was probably read to YOU!

  4. 'twas read to me...yes siree, read a lot. the evil sister and i can still recite it from tom thumb to everyone in the sun with pie, in painfully cutesy girlie voices, on command, like puppets.


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