Saturday, April 2, 2011

may the force be with you, because you're worth it

lots of lovely things to read this week:

where she went, gayle forman (doubleday)

the golden day, ursula dubosarsky (allen&unwin)

press here, hervé tullet (allen&unwin)

chenxi et l’éntrangère, sally rippin (mijade)

outside of reading, there are lots of other lovely things to do this week:

• a friend of mine sent me this link to a video of sarah kay, a spoken word poet. wonderful. wonderful. watch it.

• can't wait to see howl, the allen ginsberg biopic starring james franco. if you want to go to the cinema, i would heartily recommend the new peter weir film the way back (and not just for the gorgeous jim sturgess) which was a fascinating film about a group of prisoners who escaped from a siberian gulag and walked to india (ye gads, i know!) read a review over at the joy of mediocrity.

• my reading is suffering a little because i can't stop watching outnumbered, with karen being my absolute favourite character.

karen: i think the world is unfair to women.
mum: well absolutely. i think you're right.
karen: because women can't grow moustaches or beards.

mum: do you want to grow a beard?
karen: well...i might want to be a...a...tugboat captain, or ayatollah.
mum: you'd make a good ayatollah.

this clip never fails to make me laugh:


  1. hahaaaaaaaaaahaaa - I kept missing that show - but any time I saw a little bit I loved it.

  2. I'm also in love with Karen (at our place we actually referred to the show as "karen") - and I'd like to be reading at least one of those books ...


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