Tuesday, April 12, 2011

What can you CBC? A shortlist off the port bow!

2011 CBCA Shortlist

What excitement! Ye gads!

About a Girl, Graffiti Moon, Six Impossible Things, The Midnight Zoo, The Piper's Son, The Life of a Teenage Body Snatcher (pic below, my copy has gone walkies). How often does the CBC get it so right?*

You can go to the CBCA website for all the other categories. They are all good, but none like the YA section.

And isn't it so wonderful to see so many lady novelists represented? All other literary prizes are always skewed firmly the other way. And so many lovely lady novelists to boot! Bring on the cake and champagne! (shortlisted mans can have cake and bubbles too).

*(err...though extremely disappointed that Lian Tanner's The Keepers isn't on the Younger Readers list...)


  1. eep! i get so excited about these lists

    haven't read body snatcher or about a girl ~ but my library will get them mow :D :D

    i am thrilled with this list. and torn. not sure who i hope to win this year???

    was sad a couple of my fave reads last year didn't make it into the notables (particularly Tim Pegler's 5 parts dead. i loved that one...)

  2. i'm a cbc skeptic, i have to say. there were a few years there that i don't know what was going on. and i have to say all the other categories are ... interesting... to say the least. not that i want to dismiss or discourage those shortlisted. i just wonder how they choose.

    the biggest oversight (in my opinionated opinion) is not including "big river, little fish" by belinda jeffreys on the notables list (or even shortlist).


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