Wednesday, May 4, 2011

coffee : wide open road

Wide Open Road
274 Barkly Street

Newish, slightly posher, more put-together, little sibling cafe by the people who brought you A Minor Place. It's really beautifully set out with matchy-matchy salts and sugars (as you can see) and the decor is equally perfect.**

The coffees are perfect too - strong, no bitterness at all, and not too milky. They roast their own coffee out the back. Bliss. Their food is also delicious - a small menu but really really lovely food, complete with croissants and other doughy treats from Fitzroy's Loafer Bread.

Our favourite waiter from A Minor Place now works here so we have to go and visit from time to time, though the original cafe still holds top place in my heart.

*I've heard whisperings of new slang "NoBRo" = "North of Brunswick Road". Please confirm.
**I feel like, in spite of my love of matching hairclips to socks and shoes to scarf, I'm not quite fancy enough for this place.


  1. I woke up with a coffee here this morning and it was wonderful! However I do feel I too am not quite fancy enough for this place.

    The staff were also a bit too cool for school (except for my beloved Irn-Bru) but hopefully they were just having a bad day this morning and yesterday...

    Also, love your new picture!

  2. ahhh, irn-bru... and wonderful coffee.
    and merci bcp, i may need your help to actually get photo in focus.

  3. would love to be fully NoBro but it seems i'm on the cusp...

    can't wait to hit the open road, come with?
    anonymousaurus missgrae

  4. You kill me with these coffee pictures. I love them.

  5. i'm there, missgrae!
    i'm working on scratch-n-sniff coffee pictures for you, robby!

  6. You're cute!
    Out of focus is about as hip as being grumpy whilst waiting tables (don't worry, I'm saying it's hip). You are maybe a bit yellow though, too many carrots? The header is gorgeous too.

  7. no, you are cute.
    shutup. carrots are our favourite.
    but thank you for saying i'm hip.xx


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