Sunday, May 15, 2011

my cover or yours? revisisted

'tis a curious thing to have the same photo on multiple books. here are two (or is that one?) that came into the shop last week.

the memory of love, aminatta forna (bloomsbury, april 2011)
someone knows my name, lawrence hill (4th estate, october 2009 - pb ed)

on one hand i think it's kind of cheating, just taking photos from the interwebs. wouldn't it be better to have an original cover. i suppose one has to think of the $ and the time it takes, too. but i do love seeing how designers can be tricky though - taking away (or maybe adding?) a scar here or there, changing the brightness and light, the colours. it's very clever. one day at my interny home recently i was shown lots of different covers for one book to see how they came to the final choice. things like make up put on, make up removed, hair, skin, background was really quite impressive.

think i shall away to master photoshop...

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  1. Kate, I think the covers probably come from somewhere like Getty images, rather than the internet. The cover of Michelle Cooper's last book also had a twin ... it must be quite common.

  2. thanks for the comment :)
    ok, so no sex isn't the right wording. i meant that there whole relationship isn't about sex, and it's akward and they don't end up doing it. there isn't amazing sex, and that's it. they really like each other.
    better? :)

  3. jo - oh yar. getty images, that was the beast i was thinking of. i think it's very common to use the same images, and i don't actually mind it that much. i really enjoy spotting them!

    anna - yes, totally agree with you. and i loved your review. glad to have found your blog too.

  4. Hi Kate,
    after A&U published my book, 'by the river', I discovered the same image/photo (cropped differently) on another book. Very embarrassing, but purely unintentional. perhaps it speaks to the strength of the photo that it would be chosen twice.

  5. steven, i think you are probably right. the cover of 'by the river' is really striking. as is the woman in the above photo.


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