Thursday, June 9, 2011

something old

when one doesn't have anything nice to say, it's best not to say anything at all. apparently.

these days it isn't that i can't think of anything nice to say (quite the contrary) but blogging feels like a chore. so i shan't worry myself, but instead offer a little peep at some nice things, which may or may not interest, but what the heck.

wonderful classics*:

and my (and everyone else's) absolute favourite rereads:

and gorgeous wee stories like this one:

if only for tales that start like this:

"once upon a time milly-molly-mandy was going for a picnic.
it was a real, proper picnic. father and mother and uncle and aunty were all going too, and little-friend-susan and billy blunt (because it wouldn't seem quite like a real, proper picnic without little-friend-susan and billy blunt).
they were going to take the red bus from the cross-roads to a specially nice picnic place, where milly-molly-mandy hadn't ever been before because it was quite a long way off. (the nicest places often do seem to be a long way off, somehow.)"

and that include the little gang of picnickers tidying up the picnic ground, which had been ruined by terrible litterbugs, because "mother said: 'i think a place ought to look nicer because we've been there, not nastier!'"

also, i joined twitter and it makes me feel kinda dirty (but can't stop), so i'm taking refuge in worlds where tweets only happen between birds.

*a confederacy of dunces, john kennedy toole. tess of the d'urbervilles, thomas hardy (damn you angel!). little women and good wives, louisa may alcott. selected poems, ee cummings. the heart is a lonely hunter, carson mccullers. for esme with love and squalor, jd salinger. jane eyre and wuthering heights, charlotte bronte and emily bronte. the secret garden, frances hodgson burnett.


  1. quite a few of my favourites there, kate - and your books look as ratty as mine, tho I'm years older. I've been meaning to post something sometime about Confederacy of Dunces, as I often meet people who have not read it - we could do something the same week and snow the blog world.

  2. My 6 year old adores Milly-Molly-Mandy (I never read it as a child). Last night, after loads of stuff about the pony trap and candles to bed and sweeties for a penny, she finally twigged: 'Was this written in the olden days?'
    But all the more lovely for that.

  3. Some kind soul read MMM to me as a child. I remember nothing of it except that I loved it. Is that weird? Glad to see you're still doing your chores, Kate. It's admirable, my dear. jx PS I have just been given a beautiful hardback copy of The Secret Garden. Gosh I love that sour-faced, selfish little girl!

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  5. Jo - this is a good idea. i actually am due for a re-read so perhaps let's hold off for a week and then BRING THE SNOW.

    Kate - just adorable! i love hearing what your girls come up with. they have very original minds.

    Jen - i love her too. so very much. and re. chores: mmmmm...

  6. I'm already re-reading, but how about holding off for 2 weeks? I'm celebrating Bloomsday this week. I was thinking about the 23rd?

  7. Oh Anne....sigh.
    Did you hear that one of the places Princess Kate MUST visit is Prince Edward Island! How cool is that - a girl after our own hearts.

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