Friday, July 22, 2011

coffee : l'atelier de monsieur truffe

l'atelier de monsieur truffe, lygon street in brunswick

new to lygon street and my local area is l'atelier de monsieur truffe (original monsieur truffe you'll find in collingwood) it's a big warehouse cafe and chocolate factory. i neglected to have any chocolate, however, and shall have to revisit. there's a really lovely rustic quality to the place and though it's big it isn't impersonal. kid and pram and bike-friendly. enter via the bright red door in the wall.

my toast and jam was good, served on a big wooden chopping board. my dining companion (the girl who gets hugged by authors i'd like to be hugged by) had a rhubarby crumble, which was served with a little cow jug filled with milk. it was very cute. but the coffee was only ok, with the crema more airy fluff than cream and a slightly gritty quality.

the staff were really nice and i think the cafe is still finding its feet - so i will definitely return, definitely to try some chocolate.

you can find their blog here.


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