Monday, July 18, 2011

fairytale 2.0

little red: a fizzingly good yarn, rapunzel: a groovy fairytale and cinderella: an art deco love story by david and lynn roberts (anova)

they've been unavailable for a little while, but i'm so glad to have these three kooky fairytales back in stock. they're so wonderful and offbeat: in little red the small boy, when confronted by the granny-swallowing wolf, offers his attacker some fizzy, burp-making drink. in cinderella a leek makes a limousine and the ugly sisters do the charlston. and in rapunzel (my favourite) our heroine is locked in a flat high in an apartment building where she listens to david bowie and the prince is in a band. if you've got any small people to shop for - these are brilliant.


  1. AW - thanks....! about to go get for the pollyanna (8) !

  2. Big YAYSIES. Cinderella, an Art Deco Love Story ... could you get any more Yarraville?

  3. pollyanna is in for a treat!

    yaysies indeed, CA!


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