Sunday, July 31, 2011

i will read you where i go


my fingers are vair tired from using the shift key to Make Capital Letters So People Would Take Me Seriously at the #abaconf11. (but i do hear that not using capitals annoys people like a bee up the nose...i might decide to use them, maybe, at some point. on occasion.) there'll be a couple more ABA-themed posts over the next little while. but for now...

i've been reading like a reading machine. i can't tell you a lot about them just yet because i have to tell magpies first. you should subscribe. here.

two recent reads:

the accidental princess is the first cab off the rank.* the new book from jen storer and published by viking.

a gorgeous fairy story for girls (and boys) - good, adventurous feisty girls (and boys) - about matilda and her sister iris and the curious magical folk who live in the lilac hedge and the forest by their house.

this is no rainbow fairies.

only ever always, penni russon (a&u)

the real world meets a dystopian future. or does it? who is dreaming? are they dreaming? clara and claire come from very different places and extremely different paths but through this rather beautiful story their lives become intertwined. this is only a short novel and i owe it a second, more serious read this week.

but now: holiday. maybe here:

*this is an expression my dad uses. he was a taxi driver in sydney a long time ago. he still refers to any peak hour traffic as "busy as pitt street out here" and we - his very victorian children - look at him, blinking and wide-eyed.


  1. oh i am so excited for the new penni russon

    also: we love holidaying in the blue mountains (maybe b/c we live at the beach, so we need the bush ...) I grew up there too :D

  2. only ever always is great, nomes, you'll really enjoy it.

    and the blue mountains are just spectacular! the sunshine! the blossoms just peeping out...


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