Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Indie Bound and National Bookshop Day

Two new community-minded bookshop innovations were discussed at #abaconf11:

Indie Bound

A new club is in town. Indie Bound has arrived on Australian shores after much success in the US and UK.

Indie Bound is a small business and bookshop collective that will encourage a "shop local" approach, opening the public's eyes to where their money goes when they buy things and hopefully making them realise that buying locally will help to create healthy local economies, which in turn will help communities thrive.

Membership to Indie Bound will be open to all members of the ABA, will cost $100 for the first year and $50 for subsequent years.

"Put your money where your heart is." - Becky Anderson.


National Bookshop Day

August 20 2011 will be National Bookshop Day.

Like Record Store Day, National Bookshop Day will be a a party to celebrate how fantastic and essential and permanent our bookshop are. At the ABA Sunday practical session Fiona Stager from Avid Reader talked about how NBD will be a strategic campaign that will let people know the true facts of the book industry and correct any misinformation (CoughThanksNickSherryCough) that might have leaked out. There'll be lots of material available to booksellers who want to participate, but we're also free to take our own spin on the party.

Celebrations might include having authors working behind the counter at your local bookshop, book busking (speak to Jon at Pages and Pages for tips), hipster sit-ins (speak to Fiona) in your shop window, "double love" extra loyalty points, reading flashmobs...and the possibilities are endless. I. Can't. Wait.

Read more about National Bookshop day at the ABA website - more information will be available in the coming week or so.


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