Monday, July 25, 2011

Text Prize 2011

The winner of the 2011 Text Prize for Young Adult and Children's Writing is...


...for his novel The Relic.

Set in Perth, The Relic is an adventure story, a fantasy, "that will make its readers smile but may also scare them under the bed" and sees mythological creatures invade and threaten to take over the world.

Myke - who was here at the ABA conference in person this morning and has a pair of excellent red boots and dapper fashion sense - is a Melbourne writer who started out his writing career with podcasting novels.

You can visit his website here.

Pictured is the 2010 winning title of the Text Prize The Bridge by Jane Higgins. It will be released very very soon and it is very very good.


  1. Nice article, thanks for the information.

  2. I believe you to be spam, rental mobil, but I'll take that praise and thank you for it.

  3. I took rental mobil to be spam too, and deleted it. I saw it also on another site I follow. Enjoying your posts about the Conference. Thanks for the information (and I'm not spam!)

  4. Really? A YA book set in Perth?! That is so rare..but awesome! This makes me happy :)

    (as you might have guessed, I live in Perth)

    Also, I saw The Bridge arrive in at work the other day. It sounds really good!


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