Saturday, August 6, 2011

burn down the disco / hang the blessed dj

i thought you all, though especially aimee, might like this. i loved reading her desert island discs blog post the other day...and haven't really left youtube since...

here are the smiths, in 1986, and two guys in blue shirts near the front doing...

the. best. dancing. ever.

i discovered this through charlie and caroline's blog. they're trying to find out who the air guitar-playing schoolboy is. WHERE ARE YOU NOW, KID?


  1. That little guy is a legend!

    Related timewasting: have you seen the Importance of Being Morrissey doco? I've only watched part 1 but it's a corker so far.

  2. i know, what a dude.

    oooh. will watch that once i'm back in melbourne. can't wait!


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