Wednesday, August 3, 2011

happy in seclusion

coffee: skim latte from fresh in leura. very nice.

book: only ever always, penni russon (a&u). very nice also. (plus sad and beautiful).

book: on orchard road, elsbeth edgar (walker).

goes very well with sunshine and blue skies and lunch outdoors.

i make fire.

dear creative writing teacher. i am also doing work. i promise. have fun in class tomorrow nerds!


  1. Where is Seclusion? Can you point me in the general direction? Does it cost much to stay there?? xx

  2. it's somewhere between busyfields and heavenville, just to the right of lonesometown. head down holiday highway and turn off at bliss street. (it's a gravel road) if you can answer the riddle the gatekeeper will let you pass.

  3. I have something to tell you;

    I love your blog.

    There, I said it. Cat is out of the bag.

    It's fabulous! I love the books + photography and especially with 'Only Ever Always' (which I *LOVED*) - you sum it up perfectly with a warm cup of latte goodness.

    Expect more comment-stalking to come :)

  4. oh why thank you danielle! watch out for that cat, the dogs may chase it.

    looking forward to more comments. i enjoyed reading lots of your posts last week (and leaving a couple of comments, i think!) though i am not the biggest paranormal fan. please feel free to disagree with me on anything/everything.

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