Friday, August 19, 2011

national bookshop day

tomorrow you go to a bookshop. go directly to a bookshop.* do not pass go, do not collect $200.
national bookshop day. it's all part of making sure people remember how incredibly wonderful bookshops are and the job they do within the community. it's about sticking it to the man. you know that scene at the end of empire records? it's going to be pretty much exactly like that.**

the sun bookshop and the younger sun are having a 10am story time with our favourite local (man) william mcinnes for the kidlets and their swooning mums (and dads) and then at 1pm we are launching the rerelease of our favourite local (woman) kerry greenwood's novel medea.

we we we so excited, we so excited.***
and hannah's been making the shop all clean for you.

*though if you detour or deviate in the direction of coffee you will most likely be forgiven. especially if you bring me one. a skinny latte, thanks.
**it will probably be absolutely nothing like that. but awesome nonetheless.
***forgive me for THAT!


  1. Oh man I LOVE Empire records :D

    And yes, everyone go down to your local store and say hi (and buy a book)! All us bookseller people would love to see you :)

  2. I gave away cupcakes (and ate some too) at Fairfield Books and scribbled on their window (which was quite liberating) and I met an enchanting friend of Kate O'Ds and it is indeed a small world...made extra lovely by BOOKSHOPS. jxx

  3. yay! you met my crick-crack-rock-chick-best-friend, she is extremely wonderful. i miss fairfield, thems were the days.

    i'm glad you had a lovely bookshop day.


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