Monday, August 15, 2011

outside of a book...


  1. oh my gosh so adorable!

    but they grow up so quickly! my puppy is only 8 months but he already looks like a fully grown dog. While still cute, I wish his puppy-cuteness had lasted a bit longer :)

  2. Now, that's better'n a book!

  3. I'd be hard pressed to choose between a book and one of these lovelies...nah, puppies win every time!

  4. I have always found that puppies are Very Good Gardeners. jxx

  5. I've always found it weird when someone says "I want to eat your [insert cute object: baby/kitten/platypus]"

    But I totally feel the need to eat those cute little puppies! I want to take their cuteness and carry it around in me for a little while.

    It's still weird, but what the hey?!

  6. and puppies win!

    jess - i love puppies a lot. so it is the best thing in the world that my parents breed labs and i can just go and visit to get my fix. they all go to their new homes this weekend.

    jo - maybe a dog AND a book? is this dream possible??

    aimee - they. are. too. cute. yes? yes!

    jen - oh yes. very good gardeners. no strawberries this year...

    danielle - please don't eat him! he's putting my brother through school!

  7. Parents who breed puppies?! That's like the equivalent of your parents owning a lolly store when you're seven years old. (Did anyone else have that fantasy?)

  8. OMG. cutest thing i've ever seen. love!


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