Saturday, October 1, 2011

coffee : dr jekyll

while southside i had a coffee at dr jekyll, on grey st in st kilda. the courtyard out the back was shadowy and cool and nicely atmospheric. it had a very good crema and though the coffee had a slightly thin taste and was teensy bit bitter, it was nice. very drinkable and a good strength - i had two. menu looked quite delicious and i think would make a really great breakfast-brunch destination.

bravo southside.


  1. Pity I've given up coffee. I love it, but it was keeping me awake at night, even when I only drank it in the morning (the doctor tells me it can do that for some people). I'll have to enjoy it vicariously on your site. :-)
    I used to live on Grey Street when I was about seven. There's that grey block of flats on the corner of Burnett Street, I think, and on the top floor there's an enclosed balcony which used to be the bedroom I shared with my sister. It's the only place I ever lived that still looks the same.

  2. Kate, I'm dying to know what you were reading while you consumed those two coffees!

    By the way, I would like to recommend Tanglewreck by Jeanette Winterson. It's delightful and it makes your head spin a little bit!

    Hermina x

  3. guess who misses Melbourne coffee?!

    xoxoxx MWAH! MISS YOU TOO!

  4. But I wish the sun reached the courtyard :(

  5. sue - i'm so sorry you can no longer drink coffee. i will attempt more detailed descriptions of taste etc in future so you may enjoy it too.

    hermina - ok! you are so right, i will make sure i include coffee reading matter too. in this case i was squirreling away on my computer writing for uni. much less interesting than 'a brief history of montmaray' which i am reading now. must check out 'tanglewreck' - thank you!

    oh, hola djjean/missgrae/anonymous. I MISS YOU TOO!

    ms cultured animal. yes. i agree. :( but on a hot day, the shade would be welcome!


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