Thursday, February 16, 2012


Five years ago I started working at The Sun Bookshop in Yarraville. My heart was grieving for the little town I had just left in France's south west, but the fabulous women (and, later, man) of the Sun took me in and helped me make Melbourne my home once more.

They supported me through the HELLISH HELL that was my Honours year and let me take off ten weeks to go gadding about the world when I felt the urge in 2008 (well, there was a wedding I just HAD to go to, people to travel with and terrible coffee to drink) and then moved things around for me when I decided to go back to study once more. During my years there we opened the Younger Sun and I was allowed to make it my baby - a children's bookshop to play in! What more could a girl ask for?! Well, there were good times and bad.

But they were nearly always the best of times.

With plenty to read, and Saturday dancing.

And people who let me sell them my absolute favourites.

But then late last year I had the enormous good fortune to interview for and then, amazingly, get a job in children's publishing. And it was way too good a chance to pass up. So I packed my little bag, bought the team a new stapler and some teacups, wrote a list of very strict instructions on how to treat my baby (which I hope they just gaily threw out and started doing things their own way) and made my way to Richmond* where I now spend my days with a new amazing bunch of women (and one man) who are 'totes awesome' and awfully good at their jobs. I love it already.

But change isn't easy. I miss my bookshop job. I have to change the way I blog around here. Richmond isn't quite as nice as Yarraville, or at least not as ville-esque. And I still miss that village in France, so I guess it doesn't go away. But I know it's all going to be something like an adventure**!

*technically still Northside. Though its Southside mentality is unnerving.
**apparently I am an eternal optimist. What?? I might not find the next Harry Potter in the slush pile? Phooey!***
***ok, KH. i probably won't...


  1. I found this after your email - I hope you're very happy in your new working life - and I hope it doesn't change the way you blog too much.

    1. thanks jo, i think i will be. and i think blogging may be more fun now. xx

  2. Oh how we miss thee.....que violin's, welling tears and cigarette lighters held above heads.
    Y'ville is just not the same and we are stugling to fill the void - dropping in for a natter with Kate was my very favourite pastime. Poor Hannah doesn't know what's hit her as we try and force her to be our 'new Kate'.
    We hate it that you left and got a spanky new job. We hate publishing, and Richmond, and smart people who read a lot more than us....but we are grudgingly thrilled for you. PLEASE VISIT!!

    1. oh, for a power ballad ... or dirge. i shall come and visit soon - i miss you all so! i am also hankering for a cornershop brunch.

  3. well well well The slueth in me has your melways (and pub house)position flagged and noted. All the very very best Kate, I know you'll do brilliantly! It's very exciting (but of course a sad loss for little sun :-( But it really is such a gorgeous bookshop, i know it will continue to flourish. jxx

    1. nice detective work, holmes. Thank You! k x

  4. Kod, this is horrifically sad. Come and play soon.

    "Hoping you are well,
    Yours sincerely,
    Mafalda Hopkirk" xx

    1. Dear Mafalda, I intend to do just that. I trust you are still connected to the Floo Network? xx


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