Monday, March 26, 2012

butch aggie

night noises, written by mem fox & illustrated by terry denton (originally published 1989)

do you remember this book? i adore it*, because it combines two of my favourite things: old people and dogs.

the old lady, lily laceby - of droopy stockings and whispy hair - is snoozing by the fire and dreaming about her past. meanwhile her dog, butch aggie, is hearing some strange noises coming from outside - but lily laceby doesn't wake up.

if you haven't read it, please don't worry - lily laceby does wake up and the night noises are just all of lily laceby's friends and family coming to wish her a happy 90th birthday!

yesterday we celebrated my little granny's 91st birthday with homemade curry for lunch and a pink cake and heated discussion about politics and a game of croquet on the lawn (the little granny got quite ferocious and competitive).

and my parents' youngest dog - our very own aggie - has some of these:

*in spite of the font used on the cover...


  1. I just love your little granny, and wish her many more.

    1. she is pretty great, and only getting better with age. i think we'll keep her a bit longer.


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