Monday, April 9, 2012

lately ...

The Melbourne International Comedy Festival is in town, where I've ...
  • had MANY chuckles watching Television's Lawrence Leung talk about fan fiction, Colin Firth and being a slender, effeminate Asian man (in joke, go see the show)
  • had fewer chuckles, but still a good time, watching Sophie Miller
  • had an absolute hoot and ball watching Kate McLennan as she told us all about the year she spent living back with her parents. One of the best shows of the festival, surely!
I have trundled off to Readings bookstore in Carlton twice in the past week to grab a copy of The FitzOsbornes at War but they don't have it. A POX ON THEM! I SHALL NEVER STRAY FROM THE SUN BOOKSHOP EVER, EVER AGAIN.

Then, out of town this weekend at the musical love-fest that was Fishypalooza, I basked in this:

And patted these:


  1. The Melbourne International Comedy Festival. That rings a bell. Pardon the generic, probably overused reference, but did the Axis of Awesome perform in it a few years ago? 'Course I wasn't there (sigh) but, thats what the internet is for, am I right?
    Wow, okay this was longer than I meant it to be. Just came across your blog and good thing I did. It's wonderful, I really like it.

    If you have a minute, would you please check out my blog? I know, I know, sorry to spam, but I do put a lot of effort and would love if you could even just leave your opinion. Thanks so much

  2. I recognise those calvies! Great weekend - and it was a pleasure showing you around... x Amy

  3. I saw Kate on saturday and thought she was wonderful. Great review! x


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