Tuesday, July 10, 2012

so apparently it is july

it's cold where i am,

not actually taken this winter, but in january 2006 at a famous castle in france. this is how cold i feel though

but we built a tent in the lounge room.

this is actually my house. we are real grown ups

it's super hot where the rejectionist is

here are some texts from jane eyre

lala over at the joy of mediocrity saw take this waltz and had the same reaction as me. it was so beautifully filmed, a brilliant soundtrack, great cast ... but just a little over-wrought and seemed to take itself quite seriously. the beautiful michelle williams' character margo was really quite unlikable, the handsome stranger kind of dull. there were elongated silences that were supposed to be Poignant but could have used banter. and early on margo gives a little speech that basically baldly states the entire subtext of her character and this was a moment we could have used a Poignant Silence.

i have sonya hartnett's latest book to read, as well as sarah waters' fingersmith and courtney summers' this is not a test, but i spend most of my time on suri's burn book and when in melbourne.

but last night i saw simone felice and josh ritter play and sing and read at readings carlton. it was very nice.


  1. Ah, good to read your review. I so rarely get to go out to the movies so it's always a fraught decision what to see and two girlfriends and I had to decide between Take This Waltz and A Royal Affair. We went with the latter and all of us unanimously LOVED it! In fact I still can't stop thinking about it. So heartbreaking and beautiful and based on a TRUE story! Go and see it. x

    1. Thank you for the recommendation! I imdb-ed it, looks so beautiful.

      Don't discount Take This Waltz, it was very Sophia Coppola (and I just don't love her) and very pretty. Fiona has some great things to say about it! xx

    2. Yeah, I'm not a huge Sophia Coppola fan, I must admit. But will give it a shot - maybe on DVD.

  2. I was pleased with some silences in Take This Waltz, and feel there is often All Too Much Banter in films that forget their art is visual. I enjoyed Margo's somtime-unlikeability, and again, would enjoy seeing more of this in film. I agree there was some on the nose theme-y dialogue from time to time, but I didn't feel it was ever out of character, so it didn't worry me. I thought the on-screen chemistry between handsome stranger and Margo spoke for itself, and to the extent that he seemed dull, it only increased the film's Poignancy, to me. We were given a different view of him from the one being experienced by the Margo character, and I thought that was, again, wonderful to see - how very often we are offered an uninflected, 'relatable' scenario, and characters with whom we are supposed to seemlessly identify. This was not such a character. And I loved that. I want to see Sally's film, and you both need to see 'Margaret' if you haven't already x

    1. I'm so glad you commented. The film was so visually beautiful, and the music, and so much of the interaction. I do love silence in films (I did think 'Drive' took it a bit far, though I really liked that movie)

      I hadn't thought about their relationship and attraction being between the two of them, and the intricacies not available to the audience ... I suppose I fell into thinking I was watching the film from Margo's point of view, as opposed to some kind of observer. Thank you for this.

      If you are after a fluff film this winter, 'Hysteria' was fun. Am really looking forward to 'Margaret', and I hadn't heard of 'A Royal Affair' but shall definitely look into it. xx

    2. Wish it was 'my film' - sigh...
      Will go and see Margaret!


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