Sunday, September 23, 2012

ffor the love of fforde

I would that you'd excuse me my absence. I'm on something of a reading binge. A re-reading binge. A Ffordian, Thursday Nextish re-reading binge. I began with the latest release, The Woman Who Died A Lot, and then had trouble recalling the rest of the series (I suspect a mindworm) and the rest is the last week of my reading history.

First Among Sequels not pictured, and One of our Thursdays is Missing is missing, but you can read a review here.

This series is just delightfful. And so clever. The idea is that Thursday Next is a Literary Detective with SpecOps. They police things like counterfeit Shakespeare plays, bootleg copies of Dickens and stolen manuscripts. But it's when Thursday realises that she has the ability to actually enter books and interact with the characters within that it really gets interesting. The world Fforde has built is bonkers: it's an alternative world where the Crimean War is still ongoing, Wales is a socialist republic, people travel by airship or these ace Gravitubes (UK to Australia in about 45 minutes or so), cheese is a rare commodity - sometimes smuggled illegally across borders - and, best of all, people prize books and literature above most things.

Wouldn't you love a tv series based on these books? I know I would. Kind of Doctor Who meets Lost in Austen with a dash of Life on Mars via your local bookshop.


  1. Ooh, I love the idea of a TV series! I see your point there. It might get a bit confusing though, what with the "real" Swindon and the fictional one and the real and fictional Thursday Next. Have you read the Nursery Crime spinoffs with Detctive Jack Spratt, investigating the murder of Humpty Dumpty? Even funnier in some ways!

    1. yes, i read the nursery crime ones too - but ages ago. they're brilliant. i really loved 'shades of grey' too, as well as the kids' books: 'the last dragonslayer' and 'the song of the quarkbeast'. oh how i would love to live in his world!

  2. I've never read any Jasper Fforde but based on this post, I've borrowed The Eyre Affair from the library and I can't wait to read it!

  3. Now I'm halfway through Lost in a Good Book -- brilliant!!


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