Thursday, September 6, 2012

shelfspy #1

The girl formerly known as The Intern - the real actual Hilary - posted a picture of her bookshelf today. She stopped herself from editing the shelf for her audience, showed it in its real state. It's a funny thing to be intrigued by, in some ways, but it's really fascinating to have a peek at someone's books, how they're arranged, which books look familiar, which ones don't. She said she would like to see other people's bookshelves...

So here, my little nosey parkers, are mine. I photographed them exactly as they were when I got home this evening, I swear. There are many embarrassing books in here, as well as some ace ones. I haven't read them all.

let the wild rumpus start!

once i won trophies for being good at sport. har har.

includes a 'to do' list. and a 'saving-up-for-paris' tin.

the shelves a 21st present from the grandwrinklies,
made from floorboards of a gold rush era pub.

Compared to Hilary's spartan shelves I feel like a mad crazy subject from the tv show Hoarders. I've been living in my current house for five and a half years, which is the longest I've lived anywhere since I left my childhood home in 2001. For five of those years I worked in a bookshop. This is my excuse.

Also, I am something of a hoarder...

Show us your shelves!


  1. so jealous of your profusion of books! in the past two years, I've moved roughly every four months...and my book collection has been slashed dramatically as a result. looking forward to the time I can hoard them too!

    1. whenever i've moved or travelled away i've stored things at my parents' house. now they have downsized and no long have a shed the size of a basketball court i'm not sure what i'm going to do...

  2. Your shelves look profuse and relatively tidy to me. I have acres of empty shelves as I've been chucking out/giving away because of an impending move. (all the better for collecting more later). But I used to have things like Gogol's 'Dead Souls' from about age 18 - never read, but couldn't bear to get rid of ANY book. I don't hoard so much now. About to go off and photograph shelves.

    1. yes, relatively tidy. rather dusty up close, and books all crammed in. i adore them, though.
      loved seeing your shelves!

  3. Wow, love love love all the colors. So festive and bright!

    1. rather crazy and bright, now that i look at it... :)

  4. all these colourful bookshelves make me feel empty and ashamed. for nomadic reasons, i've culled my collection and gone digital. and of the remaining, precious, paper few, most will be left behind after the next move... (this sunday. i'm dreading it)

    and somehow i don't think the dusty boxes at my parent's count - the majority were books i borrowed from them and never returned

    i am guilty on so many levels!

    1. jean jeanie, there will be paper books in your life again in the future. for now i'm so in awe of your life in three bags and all of your adventures. e-read away!

  5. Every time i buy a new bookcase (ahem) i swear i will keep THIS one tidy. It never happens. Hooray for topsy turvy bookcases and messy shelves and colour chaos! xx

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