Tuesday, May 10, 2016

more france

I'd been hoping to get back to France for years and years now and so when my friend Becky said, hey, I've got to go to Montpellier for work – want to come stay? I said ... OKAY!

Cathedreal in Angers, early(ish) in the morning.

Beautiful, spooky art to commemorate the prisoners held inside the Chateau d'Angers.

I was unable to capture the Sagrada Familia properly with camera or phone but I was able to stand and stare for most of the afternoon.

Old folks in Sergovia out for a Sunday stroll.

Madrid turned it all on for me.
Maybe I'll move there.

Montpellier alleyways are made for flâneuses like moi.

Street art, Montpellier.

La poste (le chien).

Crèpes equal delicious, with wintery sun and blue skies.

La Seine, Paris, on my birthday.

Have any writers ever died for Australia?
Would we build a crypt for them if they did?

Paris street art.

View from my fenêtre, Montmartre.

Wee baby Basile!

Coming up the metro steps to go home for the night.